Specials from Chef Costantino Passalacqua (from August, 18)
  • Fried squash flowers stuffed with ricotta served with aromatic tomato sauce - 219.00
  • Stracciatelle cheese from Campania region; served with bull's heart tomatoes and pesto sauce - 219.00
  • Spanish gazpacho soup - 125.00
  • Penne with prawns and nettle pesto - 239.00
  • Large pappardelle with chantarel mushrooms, arugula, and parmigiano - 189.00
  • Trenette with sea bass, fresh tomatoes, and fried squash flowers - 265.00
  • Pan-fried sea bass fillet with chardonnay sauce, olives, pine nuts, and raisins - 349.00
  • Australian grilled rib eye steak; served with gorgonzola sauce - 675.00
  • Cold peaches in white wine and lemon juice with berries - 99.00
  • Baked peaches with amaretti biscuits, cream and berries - 109.00

The special menu at the "Pantagruel" is getting even more special
For many years our special menu was being updated every three or four weeks and (sic!) for all its numbered positions. Due to that kind of rhythm, sometimes the culinary consistence of the menu was sacrificed. From now on there will be no compromises - the updates will probably become even more frequent but only to the extent of particular new dishes composed by our genius chef Costantino. So let’s set our hopes on his inspiration and follow the news.

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